Nancy G.

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Dr. Patodia,

I don’t know if you remember me, but last May you diagnosed me with having an aneurysm that was pressing on my optic nerve.  I had initially gone to you for cataract surgery but being such an excellent surgeon, you detected an abnormality and pursued it.  For that I thank you as well as the other doctors.  They say you were so professional and smart for detecting it and I am so lucky you did.  Who knows.  I may not be here to write to you and thank you.

On November 9th I had the aneurysm clipped and I am now recovering slowly but I am on the road to a full recovery.  I look forward to setting up an appointment to proceed with my cataract surgery in the new year and also to thank you personally.

My family and friends thank you also and everyone I tell the story to say “WOW!!, you’re lucky you went to him.