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    I have worn prescription lenses for sixty-five years. This year you have given me clear, bright vision- better than I could ever have hoped for. Glasses gone. I am so grateful. One HUGE Thank you!!

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    Dear Dr. Patodia:

    I am so appreciative of all you have done and are doing for me with my eyes. You are always so willing to see me when I feel I have a problem with my eyes.

    You cared that much for me that you stayed up till midnight in April to perform an operation you considered an emergency. That operation was a huge success as the pressure is way down and I can see.

    When you feel there is nothing more you can do, you send me to London – you never give up. I am very well looked after in your care. You are an exceptional Doctor and Surgeon. I truly feel blessed to be in your care with my eyes.

    Thank you Dr. Patodia that I can trust you with all my eye care. You have an exceptional staff that is always so pleasant and helpful. I thank the Lord for you all.

    God Bless You.

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    Dr. Patodia:

    Thank you so much for the cataract surgery you performed on me. I see better now than I ever imagined. Amazing results!

    You have great skills and use them well and I am very grateful. Again, many thanks!

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    Thank you! Dr. Patodia, thank you again and will look forward to better results on the fairways and greens.

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    Dear M. Patodia

    I am so grateful to you for all my kind eye care.  I appreciate you greatly.

    Celebrate & enjoy life, career, freedom

    Nada A
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    I have fond memories of my last left eye surgery.  I had been placed on a mobile operating gurney.  You came to me and had a few words, looking quizzically at how I was lying.  You removed three cushions and adjusted the table placing my head in a section obviously designed for a head.  I told you it felt much more comfortable in this “cradle”.

    You muttered something about “lots of water” as you covered my face with a plastic film.  I felt safe and at peace.  Your staff has gone out of their way to make my appointments laid back and friendly, affording me every consideration.  More like a family affair.  Very important.

    With regards to recommendations it will be my pleasure.  I hope when you move to your new location I will be able to see the new improvements and offer any assistance possible.

    Best regards, John

    John B
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    Dr. Patodia,

    I don’t know if you remember me, but last May you diagnosed me with having an aneurysm that was pressing on my optic nerve.  I had initially gone to you for cataract surgery but being such an excellent surgeon, you detected an abnormality and pursued it.  For that I thank you as well as the other doctors.  They say you were so professional and smart for detecting it and I am so lucky you did.  Who knows.  I may not be here to write to you and thank you.

    On November 9th I had the aneurysm clipped and I am now recovering slowly but I am on the road to a full recovery.  I look forward to setting up an appointment to proceed with my cataract surgery in the new year and also to thank you personally.

    My family and friends thank you also and everyone I tell the story to say “WOW!!, you’re lucky you went to him.

    Nancy G.
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    Dear Dr. and Mrs. Patodia,

    Thank you so much for 15 years of wonderful care of our mom, Kathe (Kate).  She had the highest regard for both of you and appreciated you so much.  You and your staff were a huge blessing to her and to our family.  Your kindness and care went above and beyond!

    Dr. Patodia, we can’t thank you enough for restoring and preserving Kate’s vision for all these years.  Her favorite pastime was reading and she was able to do that up until her stroke.  It was a massive one and she passed away peacefully 6 days later.

    Julia K, Ilona G and family
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    I wish to express my gratitude for the amazing care and treatment I have been receiving from Dr. Patodia. In Nov 2014 I experienced severe vision loss in one eye and sought treatment from my ophthalmologist, family doctor and the Ivey Eye Institute in London. It was a Central Retina Vein Occlusion caused by glaucoma. For 6 months the CRVO worsened to the point of almost blindness while I experienced frustration going back and forth from various specialists to my ophthalmologist to the Ivey Eye Institute in London without any treatment being offered and no answers being provided. In desperation I contacted a number of clinics in the USA, including the Mayo Clinic and was given the names of a couple of specialists including Dr. Patodia from the Patodia Eye Institute. I called Dr. Patodia’s office. His wife Sunita spoke with me on the phone. She was very kind and accommodating and saw me immediately. It had been 6 months since the occlusion had occurred and my eye sight was extremely limited. I was unable to drive and using a cane to walk. I have very little eye sight in the other eye so this made it doubly important to me that I sought help especially since no one seemed to know what to do. The level of care, compassion and understanding I received From Dr. Patodia was stunning. His knowledgeable staff conducted numerous tests and Dr. Patodia did a number of the tests himself and stayed after hours to discuss thoroughly all the results and his diagnosis. More tests were done in Dr. Patodia’s office in one afternoon than have been completed since my CRVO had started in November 2014. Some of the tests I had never had done at the Ivey Eye Institute despite being a patient there for more than 7 years with glaucoma. He explained fully the CRVO I had suffered and that he had noted I had also suffered a Branch Retina Vein Occlusion in my other eye. His level of knowledge was beyond anything I could have hoped for and his attention to detail and ability to explain my prognosis and possible treatments was very reassuring. He was the only specialist I saw that took the time to explain fully the seriousness of the occlusions, the possibility of using Lucentis drug to assist my CRVO, side effects, costs associated with the treatment, what to expect, how they would be administered and the monitoring that would have to be done. I have been in his care since meeting him in April and have had monthly injections. The level of care is something I have not experienced before. The staff at his clinic are warm, knowledgeable, organized, friendly and take time to assist in all aspects of my care. Every treatment has been carefully monitored and follow-ups are both timely and accommodating. With any side effects or problems I have been seen immediately. The injections have made a huge difference and to date I have experienced no side effects. Within 24 hours I have been able to see better and Dr. Patodia is hopeful in the end results. The level of understanding and care provided to me has made all the difference to what was a very difficult process. The knowledge at his clinic is excellent, and I never walk away feeling uncared for. Thanks to Dr. Patodia and his staff, I know that I am in very capable hands. Thank you Dr. Patodia for your compassion and expertise.

    Doug H
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    Each year in my profession, I speak publicly over forty times. I can’t thank you enough for the excellent experience of surgery for cataracts in both eyes. I deeply appreciate being able to study without glasses, in Canada and in Africa during my annual visits. The Koine Greek vocabulary is intricate, and good vision is so important. Your personal note of thanks was the icing on the cake. You have been efficient, effective, and personable. My brother-in-law had similar surgery elsewhere in Ontario, with little improvement in his vision. It makes me even more grateful. I would be happy to share my enthusiasm with others who are considering this procedure under your care.

    Ken M.