Avedro Crosslinking – Lasik-Xtra

Author: Mock Webware |

Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking (KXL) is a surgical procedure used to strengthen a weakened cornea. The most common cause of a weakened cornea is called Keratoconus.

LASIK-Xtra™ is an addition to the normal LASIK procedure which is designed to minimize the weakening effects of LASIK on the cornea by strengthening it with cross-linking treatment. Corneas normally become thinner after LASIK because the excimer laser used removes tissue and especially after Standard or Custom LASIK is performed with a blade that creates a much thicker flap than a blade-free procedure.

This effect is more marked when higher degrees of spectacle power are treated. In a small percentage of cases, this thinning causes the cornea to bulge forwards and become distorted in a condition called corneal ectasia (keratoconus).