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Client Testimonials

  • , September 6, 2017

    Dear Dr. Patodia: I am so appreciative of all you have done and are doing for me with my eyes. You are always so willing to see me when I feel I have a problem with my eyes. You cared that much for me that you stayed up till midnight in April to perform an

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  • , September 6, 2017

    Dr. Patodia: Thank you so much for the cataract surgery you performed on me. I see better now than I ever imagined. Amazing results! You have great skills and use them well and I am very grateful. Again, many thanks!

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  • , September 6, 2017

    Thank you! Dr. Patodia, thank you again and will look forward to better results on the fairways and greens.

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  • , November 15, 2016

    Dear M. Patodia I am so grateful to you for all my kind eye care.  I appreciate you greatly. Celebrate & enjoy life, career, freedom

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  • , November 8, 2016

    I have fond memories of my last left eye surgery.  I had been placed on a mobile operating gurney.  You came to me and had a few words, looking quizzically at how I was lying.  You removed three cushions and adjusted the table placing my head in a section obviously designed for a head.  I

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20 Year Celebration!

20 yrs Celebration of Patodia Eye Institute
Patodia Eye Institute Office
Patodia Eye Institute Team photo

Thank you Sarnia Lambton for your continued support! [March 1996 to March 2016]

Trust your Vision & Facial Care to Patodia Eye Institute


Your eyes have a profound effect on how you see and experience the world around you. As such, problems with your vision can keep you from truly enjoying all that life has to offer. At Patodia Eye Institute, we have the technology and experience to perform the most advanced vision correction procedures to help you see the world more clearly again.

Eye Care Clinic

At our clinic, we offer the latest in vision correction technology to treat such conditions as glaucoma, cataracts, retinal detachment, macular degeneration, and low vision. Our computerized vision testing can help us accurately diagnose the problems with your vision, assisting our professionals in developing a treatment plan that is personalized to you. Treatment sessions are fast and effective, helping you to avoid the hassle of unnecessary multiple appointments.

Our very own Dr. Murari Patodia has over 16 years of experience in the field of eye care and has worked tirelessly during his years in practice to make vision corrective surgery more affordable and accessible to all of his patients. At Patodia Eye Institute, we’re equipped to perform the most advanced, state-of-the-art vision correction procedures available on the market. Whether it’s working with intraocular lenses for cataract treatment, ocular injections to combat retinal disease, or our advanced iLASIK procedure, we employ only the most cutting-edge technology in the treatment of our patients. Whatever your vision problems, we have the solutions that will allow you to see clearly again without the use of glasses or contact lenses.


Our goal at the Patodia Eye Institute is to not only restore your vision, but your confidence as well. In conjunction with our vision correction procedures, we offer esthetic services to help treat the lines and wrinkles associated with aging. Our esthetic professionals are available to help you achieve a younger, healthier look for your skin using the most popular and up-to-date methods of skin care treatment.  We specialize in non-invasive treatments such as microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, and botox injections to more advanced procedures like photorejuvenation and blepharoplasty.

At Patodia Eye Institute, we pride ourselves in helping you to regain the youthfulness you once felt through treating all aspects of vision and facial deterioration. We truly are your “one-stop-shop” for all of your vision and facial care.

Why wait any longer? Let us help you see better, look better, and feel younger. Call us at 519-336-4448 to schedule an appointment for a consultation right away.

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