• Week 21: Lasik Following Cataract Surgery – Your Questions Answered with Dr. Patodia

    Lasik following cataract surgery.

    Welcome back. Many of you may have had cataract surgery and you’re not quite getting the vision that you wanted. Could be that the distance vision isn’t where it should be, or that near vision isn’t where it should be. Well I am happy to say that we have a number of procedures that can be safely done following your cataract surgery. Many times lasik is very reasonable to do to give you your distance vision and sometimes we will pair that with a device called the Kamara Inlay. Kamara Inlay is the newest device that provides both distance, intermediate and near vision. Newest isn’t that new, it’s been around for 7 years with over 60,000 people having implanted the corneal inlay in one eye. We have patients with excellent outcomes with this device. I would happy to have a discussion with you to discover your best solution. I am looking forward to meeting you at your free consultation. Call me at Patodia Eye Institute 519-335-4448.

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